What is Collagen? Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies. It’s found in muscles, bones, skin, blood vessels, digestive system and tendons. It’s what helps give our skin strength and elasticity, along with replacing dead skin cells. When it comes to our joints and tendons, in simplest terms, it’s the “glue” that helps hold the body together.

I first heard about Collagen Powder from my friend, Jenna. There are lots of benefits to it, but basically it helps with:

  • keeping your bones and joints strong

  • keeping your skin hydrated and elastic (younger looking)

  • strengthens hair and nails

  • muscle and tendon repair


Your body produces collagen naturally, but produces less as you get older. That's why older women are more prone to wrinkles and aging skin, and younger girls have more elastic skin that bounces back once stretched. Collagen is actually a main ingredient in botox, because it's that good for the skin. But this isn't injected, this is digested and is spread throughout your body, so you get tighter skin all over - not just your face. There has been research done to see how collagen effects your stomach, but no internal damage has been discovered. 


I have a tub of Vital Proteins at my desk at work. I put a scoop of this into my coffee every morning I have coffee. It is very high in protein so it fills me up a little more in the morning, and it works best when you're consistent with it. It is also tasteless so I don't even know it's there. If I had to say something about the way it tastes, I would say it adds a less than 1% bitternes to your drink. I put a splash of creamer in my coffee, and I'm good to go. A collagen scoop in my coffee is routine now. I'v already got 4 of my coworkers using it themselves. You can find it on Amazon, in Sprouts, Whole Foods, and probably a lot more places that I have yet to discover. You will not see immediate results, if any. I will continue using it regardless of if I actually see the results, because I know it's super beneficial in the longterm.

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 A great article going a little more in depth with the health benefits of collagen is https://www.cognitune.com/collagen-powder-benefits/. Adding this supplement to your daily routine can enhance/aid the following:

  1. Skin Care & Anti-Aging

  2. Hair Growth & Hair Loss

  3. Weight Loss & Metabolism

  4. Joint Pain & Arthritis

  5. Leaky gut & Digestion