What to order when eating out

 When ordering at a restaurant anywhere, always try to go for high protein and low carbs. Try to go for the grilled or blackened version of a meat, instead of the broiled or fried. Get the veggies instead of the starches as your side. If you drink soda, get the zero sugar or low sugar version- I know it’s different, but if you get in the habit you won’t even notice.

GOOD: Edamame, Grilled Chicken, Blackened Salmon, any grilled fish, steak or any red meat, veggies

NOT SO GOOD: Potatoes, Chips and Queso, Fried chicken or fish, fried okra or other veggie

Tip: Add some lemon in your water or ask for half water half lemonade

My Favorite Healthy Restaurants in Atlanta: (+ one example of something I've gotten and liked from there)

  • True Food Kitchen

    • Ancient Grains Bowl + Grilled Chicken

  • Poke Bar

    • Large - substitute scoop of rice for salad, salmon, tuna, spicy tuna, corn, edamame

  • UpBeet

    • Aloha Bowl

  • Kale me Crazy

    • Traditional Acai Bowl

  • i Love Juice Bar

    • Ginger Greens Smoothie


*More coming soon


Restaurant selections basic guidelines:

  • Sushi - try to get some sashimi on your plate- the fish without rice. This is good for your protein count and keeps it lower carb!

  • Poke - if you can swap a scoop of rice for salad, do that. Always aim for low-carbs. Carbs are too easy to find elsewhere.

  • Acai Bowls - make sure you add almond butter for protein. These have a high sugar content, which means lots of carbs at the end of the day. Get a small bowl.

  • Grilled White Fish and veggies - perfect option for any standard restaurant.