Meal Prep

Meal prepping: Sounds boring, expensive, and time consuming. Correct answer: It doesn't have to be! 

Below are some of my favorite meal preps I've done for the work week. I like simple and I like to see results. Here's how to make that happen:

Screen Shot 2018-07-08 at 10.51.47 PM.png

Simple Turkey and Veggies - Cut it down

  • One Pack Jenny-O 98% Lean Turkey

  • 2 Steamfresh Veggie bags of your choice

  • Minute-rice pack of 4 cup - flavor of choice

  • Liquid egg whites

There you go. Cook the turkey and eggs on the stove, and microwave the veggies and rice. Split up into 3-4 to-go containers and eat every 2-3 hours starting at breakfast. Eat whatever you want for dinner, as long as it's healthy. You will probably want to add a spice or light sauce because this will be dry. I like BBQ sauce or hot sauce, but that's just me.  Stick with this for 2-3 days and you'll see a difference.


Burger & cauliflower rice- lower the carbs

  • Lean burger meat of your choice

  • Green Giant cauliflower rice

  • Liquid Egg whites

Cook your meat on the stove, make sure it’s well done. Microwave the cauliflower rice and separate into 2-3 containers. After the meat is cooked and divided into the containers, add a small portion of liquid egg whites in the pan. Top each container with some egg whites. Boom. Super low carb. Top with seasoning or sauce of your choice. I would eat this at 10am, 12pm, and 3pm. Dinner as usual. Really seeing what lowering your carbs during the day can do for you can be extremely beneficial. Try to have low to no carbs when you are stationary and not moving that much.


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