Make-up and Hair



Go follow my girl Riley on YouTube. She's got all the tips and tricks for your make-up needs. She's got the everyday look to the night-out look.

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Fake Lashes

If you are traveling for a week or more, and plan/need to be dressed up, then fake lashes are worth the time and expense.


  • My hair can get super wild- especially when i'm at the beach or doing any activity outdoors. When I went to Hawaii, I wore one of these headbands practically everyday. They were cute in pictures and kept my hair tamed - or at least made it look tamed.




  • Blondes (sorry brunettes): Buy purple shampoo and conditioner and it will make your blonde last so much longer! I buy the Pravana Brand. It's super concentrated, but it will actually brighten your blonde without going into the salon.