Budgeting & Life Hacks



The obvious:

  • Buy everything at the local grocery store when traveling
    • Beer, Liquor, snacks, make-at-home sandwich things, frozen pizza, 24-pack of water... the list goes on. It will be a slightly heaver up-front cost, but trust me having all those waters handy instead of individual gas station waters for $2.50 adds up!


Not so obvious

  • Nails
    • Sometimes you don't have that extra $50 to spend or the time to go get your nails done. Get a pack of Kiss nails from the drug or grocery store and put them on when you're about to leave. They have glue-on and self-stick, whatever your preference. But do they stay on? They will stay on for 3-5 days depending on what kind of activities you're doing. Always keep the extra nails and glue in your purse just incase. Yes, it's a hassle at times but trust me, no one will be able to tell they are glue-ons in the pictures if that's all you're worried about.


    Life Hacks

    • Thesaurus.com
      • One of my top recommendations for anyone who's writing a blog, or even an email. I use when I find myself wanting to use a word in a paragraph more than once. It makes you look smarter than you really are and expand your vocabulary for next time. Seriously a game changer. :)
    • Teeth Whitener
      • Find a dentist that gives out free tubes of whitening every visit. Call around- trust me, they are out there! If you don't have an old retainer/tray to use, go to Walmart and get a mouth guard to use in place. Also, Crest 3D whitestrips are a good alternative. 
    • Night Cream
      • Wear night cream to bed every night. My favorite Brand is Pur minerals's "Get a Lift." If you're consistent with it, your face will thank you in the long run. :)
    • Motion Sickness
      • Are you easy prone to the effects of motion sickness but don't want the all the drowsiness? Buy you a bag of Ginger Chews. I use them on the plane, on a boat, or even in the car. It won't make your un-easiness go away completely, but it will certasinly help. :)